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Sample Tourism Week Press Release


For immediate distribution


[Your event/organization] Highlights Impact of Travel Industry in [Your community]

[Name of Event] Helps Kick-start Tourism Week in Canada


CITY, Date — Employees and leaders in [Your community]’s travel industry took part in [name/brief description of your special event] today, a special event designed to bring attention the economic impact and social benefits of tourism in our community.

[Representatives from more than [X] organizations][More than [X] people][Name of elected official or public figure] took part in today’s event in a show of support for the [hundreds/thousands] of tourism employees and businesses in [name of your community].

The [name/brief description of your special event] was organized as part of Tourism Week in Canada, a national initiative that runs through June 2nd highlighting how Canada’s tourism industry contributes to the standard of living and quality of life of all Canadians.

“Tourism is a key contributor to our economy, not only on a national level but also right here in [our community],” said [name and title of spokesperson or public official].  “Tourism also means business in our community], since more than [x] jobs and [x] businesses in our region are directly supported by the industry.”

“With summer just around the corner, our new marketing campaign will help show prospective visitors from all over the world the natural beauty and rich cultural history of the [our community] region.

Tourism is a $91.6 billion industry in Canada that directly supports 614,600 jobs from coast to coast.  This represents 9.2% of all jobs in Canada and makes tourism the third largest job creator in the country.


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About Tourism Week in Canada

Tourism Week in Canada is a grassroots initiative that brings attention to the economic opportunity available to Canada through travel and tourism activity and the public policy challenges preventing the industry from capitalizing on those opportunities. Tourism Week in Canada aligns tourism organizations, businesses and other partners from across the country around a common vision: a growing industry recognized for its key role in the Canadian economy.