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Greenwashing posted on May 2, 2023
Contributed by GreenStep Solutions Greenwashing… often times you know it when you see it. Buzz word promises, unfeasible commitments, and at times mistruths. Greenwashing is the marketing of untrue,...
The Power of Tourism posted on May 2, 2023
Contributed by Destination Canada Now is the time for our industry to come together and demonstrate that tourism is a sector that deserves unwavering support. As the heart of Canada's economic engine...
Tourism Week in Canada posted on May 2, 2023
As we look back on Tourism Week in Canada, it is important to take stock of the current state of tourism in the country and look at some of the facts and figures around the industry.  In recent weeks,...
Make Safe: Protect Your Workplace from Violence and Harassment posted on April 4, 2023
Trigger Warning: Sexual Violence  One of the more troubling stats in our country is that just under half (47%) of workers in Canada either witnessed or experienced inappropriate sexualized or discriminatory...
What is Waste “Diversion”? posted on April 4, 2023
Here at the GreenStep Solutions, Inc. headquarters in Kelowna, British Columbia, waste generated by local businesses can be diverted from the landfill in multiple ways: By being recycled at a regulated...
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