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thumbnail Ottawa Tourism unveils 92 new “unofficial museums” posted on November 10, 2022
Dozens of Ottawa festivals, restaurants, shops, concert venues, and attractions have been designated Unofficial Museums by Ottawa Tourism as a way to highlight hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path neighbourhoods...
thumbnail Providing 450 000 km2 of Memories for Millions of Visitors posted on November 10, 2022
Parks Canada’s network of 47 national parks, 171 national historic sites and 5 national marine conservation areas welcome millions of visitors each year while providing Canadians with countless opportunities...
thumbnail Air Canada Welcomes You to Tourism Congress 2022 posted on November 10, 2022
This year, Air Canada participates in the Tourism Industry Association of Canada Congress filled with optimism. We are proud to once again be able to focus on what we do best: link Canada to the world...
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