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TIAC & Destination Canada's Travel & Tourism Industry Updates

On April 9 the Tourism Industry Association of Canada provided an update on industry support efforts, and Destination Canada presented an update on their marketing plans.
TIAC_DC_Webinar_Series/Beth_Potter_600_px.png Beth Potter, TIAC President and CEO will provide an overview of advocacy efforts aimed at the survival and recovery of the Tourism Industry and a snapshot of the road ahead.
 TIAC_DC_Webinar_Series/Marsha_Walden_600_px.png Marsha Walden, DC President and CEO will share a strategy update and next steps from Destination Canada.

April 9, 2021 Webinar Recording

TIAC Presentation

Destination Canada Presentation

  TIAC_DC_Webinar_Series/TIAC_April_9_2021_Webinar_EN.jpg  TIAC_DC_Webinar_Series/DC_April_9_2021_Webinar_EN.jpg