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Membership Terms & Conditions

TIAC Members are businesses or organizations which operate in Canada and/or related to a business with the Canadian Travel Industry. 

All membership applications are subject to review by TIAC. Please note receipt of payment with the application does not constitute an approved membership application.


Payment & Membership

The Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) agrees to supply membership entitlements to you, the Applicant, for the purpose of benefits to be attributed to the business, organization or association identified within the application form and agrees to confer on you the membership rights in accordance with our rules upon admission in consideration of you agreeing to pay the required membership fee and complying with TIAC’s By-laws.

Membership fees are payable within 30 days of invoicing.  TIAC does not refund or reimburse any portion of its membership fee.

Membership benefits are accessible once full payment has been received.

Members expire on anniversary date.  Membership is archived 30 days after expiry at which point all benefits cease.

TIAC Membership and associated benefits belong to the applicant’s one (1) primary business address, not the owner; staff member; affiliated businesses or membership.  Membership is not transferable from one property to another or to multiple businesses associated to the applicant.  The membership and its associated benefits belong to the primary address of the applicant.

A key contact from the applicant is assigned to the membership and has complete control of the online membership content and can login on behalf of the applicant member and initiate actions such as membership renewals.  The key contact will receive notice of renewal 30 and 10 days before expiry as well as 1 day and 30 days after expiry.  The key contact can also add secondary contacts to the membership, and secondary contacts will receive their own login information and can enjoy member benefits.  Secondary contacts cannot update or change the primary membership.


Membership Entitlements/Benefits

The range of membership services and benefits current at the date of this application is set out at http://tiac-aitc.ca/membership_benefits.html.


Access to Services

Services provided by TIAC will only be made to authorised representatives (Key and Secondary Contacts) of the member property and will be made via any means and / or medium deemed appropriate by TIAC.


Change of Owner Details

You must promptly notify us, in writing, of changes to your legal name, registered address or billing address(es) or key contact details since changes may impact upon our ability to deliver your membership services.



The Association is committed to protecting the privacy of our members and others who use our services.  TIAC’s Personal Information Protection Policy (the “Policy”) (found at http://tiac-aitc.ca/membership_privacypolicy.htm ) describes the policies and practices of the Association with respect to the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information.  The Policy may be updated from time to time, with updates approved by the Association to reflect developments in our practices, new technology or the law.  Updates will be made available in the same ways as the Policy.  Our collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information will be governed by the version of this Policy in effect at the time.



Membership is activated when we receive from you a completed online or printed application form and payment.  A receipt will be issued upon receipt of payment for a full twelve (12) month subscription or part thereof as agreed.

Membership is for one (1) year commencing on the date your application is accepted or part thereof as agreed.

TIAC Membership and associated benefits belong to the applicant’s one (1) primary business address, not the owner; staff member; affiliated businesses or membership.

Members receive renewal reminder 30 days before expiry; 10 days before expiry; 1 day after expiry and 30 days after expiry.

There is no refund of any membership fees should you cancel your membership at any stage during your membership year.

Changes to membership fees will only be made at the time of annual renewal of your membership.

Membership is transferable based only on the following: if the property is sold, the remainder of the annual membership fee is transferable to the new owner of the property if this is agreed between the vendor and the purchaser.

You must notify us of changes to your contact details otherwise we may not be able to make our services available to you. Key contacts can update all online membership information using the TIAC Member Portal.

Services provided by TIAC in relation to membership are only available via/to designated member property representatives. It is the responsibility of the member property to ensure that their assigned representatives are accurate. TIAC accepts no liability for the provision of services to assigned representatives. TIAC accepts no liability for the denial of services to individuals not designated as representatives of associated member properties.

We reserve the right to change, from time to time, the services available to members.

Any variations made to these Terms & Conditions may be made by the TIAC without express written notice to existing members and will be effective fourteen (14) days after the posting on the TIAC website.


Payment of Membership Fee

TIAC offers a range of options to pay membership fee.

Online credit card via membership portal. Key contact can login to the membership and pay online using Visa or MasterCard.

Pay with invoice. The Key contact can login to the membership account and request an invoice or contact (by phone or e-mail) the TIAC Membership Team to request an invoice.  Payment must be received 30 days upon issue;

Pay over the phone. The Key contact or designated member property representatives can contact the TIAC Membership Team via phone and pay with Visa, MasterCard or American Express;

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). The Key contact or designated member property representatives can contact the TIAC Membership Team and request EFT documentation.