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Membership Terms & Conditions

TIAC Members are businesses or organizations that operate in Canada and/or are related to a business with the Canadian travel industry.

All membership applications are subject to review by TIAC. Please note receipt of payment with the application does not constitute an approved membership.

Membership Categories

TIAC offers five membership categories: Regular, Industry Patron, Plus TIAC, Certified Member of ADS (Canada China Tourism Operator Program) and Associate.

Regular membership fees for Tourism Operators and Suppliers (see Definition below) is based on annual revenue.

There are four fee levels: $8,000, $2,200, $1,100 and $395. 

If the applicant is an affiliate, subsidiary or franchisee of a corporate head office tourism operator who is also a member of TIAC at the highest investment level of $8,000, then the applicant can join TIAC for $395. A drop-down menu during the application process provides the list of corporate head office members.

Regular membership fees for PMOs, DMOs, Sector Associations & Government Agencies (see Definition below) is based on annual budget.
The same four fee levels apply as above.

Industry Patron: Industry Patrons include representative(s) from leading companies in their sector who are creating positive change in terms of international tourism growth, investment and in advancing the travel and tourism portfolio. Industry Patrons must make a minimum financial investment of $25,000, including membership and supporting TIAC’s initiatives. TIAC and Industry Patrons undertake a Partnership Agreement.

ADS (Canada China Tourism Operator Program) is a membership and program specific to inbound tour operators who arrange leisure travel for Chinese groups. This membership has two rates: an introductory and a renewal rate.

Associate: Special membership tier available exclusively through a partnership with a Provincial and Territorial Tourism Industry Association (PTTIA), and other sectorial associations. 


Tourism Operators as defined by and according to Tourism HR Canada includes:

  • Accommodation (hotels, motels, resorts, campgrounds, and recreational vehicle facilities),
  • Recreation and Entertainment (zoos, museums, theatres, sports facilities, amusement parks, government parks, heritage sites, hunting, fishing or outdoor adventure outfitters, and casinos),
  • Food and beverage services (restaurants from fast service to fine dining, as well as pubs, nightclubs, cruise ships, and convention centres),
  • Travel services (retail travel agencies, wholesale tour companies, or corporate offices with their own booking divisions) and,
  • Transportation (companies that provide transport by air, land or water, and include airlines, bus companies, taxi companies, ferry services, and cruise ships).

Suppliers are traditionally those who deliver goods, products or services to industry operators and visitors. Suppliers may include banks, insurance, media, web developers, marketing agencies through to audio visual and event suppliers.

Corporate Head Office refers to the headquarters where decisions are made to guide the operations of the individual businesses such as affiliates, subsidiaries & franchisees) toward the corporate goals

PMOs refers to provincial marketing organizations.

DMOs refers to destination marketing organizations.

Sector Associations refers to organizations founded and funded by businesses that operate in a specific industry or sector.

Government Agencies are any national, provincial, municipal or local governmental authorities.

Membership Ownership

The Tourism Industry Association of Canada’s (TIAC) membership belongs to the Applicant “the company, organization, association or agency” and one primary contact is appointed to manage the account content, renew the membership and add any secondary contacts.

TIAC Membership and associated benefits belong to the Applicant’s one (1) primary business address, not the owner; staff member; affiliated businesses or membership. Membership is not transferable from one property to another or to multiple businesses associated to the Applicant.

A “primary” contact provided by the Applicant is assigned to the membership has complete control of the online membership content and can login on behalf of the Applicant member to initiate actions such as membership renewals. The primary contact will receive notice of renewal 30 and 10 days before expiry as well as day of and 30 days after expiry. The primary contact can also add secondary contacts to the membership. Secondary contacts will receive their own login information and can enjoy member benefits. Secondary contacts must be employed by the same member organization.  They cannot update or change the primary membership information.

Membership Entitlement

TIAC agrees to supply membership entitlements to the Applicant, for the purpose of benefits to be attributed to the business, organization, association or agency identified within the application form and agrees to confer on the Applicant the membership rights in accordance with TIAC’s rules upon admission in consideration of the Applicant agreeing to pay the required membership fee and complying with TIAC’s By-laws.

Membership Fee Payment, Expiry, Renewal & Transfer

Membership fees are payable within thirty (30) days of invoicing. TIAC does not refund or reimburse any portion of its membership fees, not even if the membership is cancelled within the membership year period.

Membership benefits are accessible once full payment has been received.

Memberships expire on the anniversary date of payment; benefits cease when membership expires.

Members receive renewal reminders as outlined under “Membership Ownership”.

Changes to membership fees will only be made at the time of annual renewal of the membership.

Membership is transferable based only on the following: if the property is sold, or if the remainder of the annual membership fee is transferable to the new owner of the property if this was agreed to between the vendor and the purchaser.

Membership Renewal Process

The primary contact must login to renew the membership. Once logged into the account, the primary contact will click on the Renew Now button. The primary contact will then be asked to renew or upgrade their membership and confirm their current situation, which will ensure the appropriate membership level is assigned and accuracy of data.

Membership Entitlements/Benefits

Membership is activated when TIAC receives from you a completed online application and payment. A receipt will be issued upon receipt of payment for a full twelve (12) month subscription or part thereof as agreed to.

Membership entitlements and benefits are assigned to the Applicant, its primary and secondary contacts of the specific business. Unless arranged through a special partnership with TIAC, there is no affiliated extension of membership, entitlement or benefits. Specifically, member benefits of the applicant cannot be extended to its affiliated business or membership, board representatives and/or volunteers.

The range of membership services and benefits are current as of September 2022 is available at

Access to Services

Services provided by TIAC will only be made to authorized representatives (primary and secondary contacts) of the member property and will be made via any means and/or medium deemed appropriate by TIAC.

Change of Owner Details

The Applicant must promptly notify TIAC, in writing (print or email), of changes to the Applicant’s company legal name, registered address or billing address(es), or primary contact details since changes could impact TIAC’s ability to deliver the Applicant’s membership services.


TIAC is committed to protecting the privacy of our members and others who use our services. TIAC’s Personal Information Protection Policy (the “Policy”) (found at ) describes the policies and practices of the association with respect to the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information. The Policy may be updated from time to time, with updates approved by the association to reflect developments in TIAC’s practices, new technology or the law. Updates will be made available in the same way as the Policy. TIAC’s collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information will be governed by the version of this Policy in effect at the time.

Membership General

Services provided by TIAC in relation to membership are only available to designated member property representatives. It is the responsibility of the member properties and their representatives to ensure that their assigned representatives are accurate. TIAC accepts no liability for the provision of services to assigned representatives. TIAC accepts no liability for the denial of services to individuals not designated as representatives of associated member properties.

The Applicant must notify us of changes to their contact details otherwise TIAC may not be able to make their services available to you. Primary contacts can update all online membership information using the TIAC Member Portal.

TIAC reserves the right to change, from time to time, the services available to its members.

Any variations made to these Terms & Conditions may be made by TIAC without express written notice to existing members and will be effective fourteen (14) days after the posting on TIAC’s website.

Payment of Membership Fee

TIAC offers a range of options to pay membership fees.

  • Online credit card via membership portal. The primary contact can log in to the membership and pay online using Visa, American Express, MasterCard or Discover.
  • TIAC accepts Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). If you wish to pay via EFT, please contact TIAC’s CFO.
  • Pay with invoice. The primary contact can log in to the membership account and request an invoice or contact (by phone or e-mail) the TIAC Membership Team to request an invoice. Payment must be received 30 days after issuance of the invoice.
  • Pay over the phone. The Primary contact or designated member property representative can contact the TIAC Membership Team via phone and pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

TIAC Membership Agreement: Code of Conduct

Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) Members are businesses or organizations which operate in Canada and/or are related to a business with the Canadian Visitor Economy.

This document sets the terms and code of conduct expected of all members of the TIAC and is a condition of membership. It applies to all members, irrespective of their membership type, the role they fulfil, or the jurisdiction in which they live or work.

All members of TIAC must abide by the following rules:

  • Uphold the reputation and good standing of TIAC;
  • Refrain from using offensive or inappropriate language on all TIAC-related communications and social collaboration tools,
  • Adopt TIAC’s Meeting Code of Conduct for each event;
  • Act with integrity and respect others; value alternative points of view;
  • Act within the boundaries of relevant legislation;
  • When participating on a TIAC Committee, act in the general interest and must not use their position to unfairly benefit themselves, their employers, or others;
  • Promptly pay membership fees as part of continued membership;
  • Not commit TIAC in any way unless authorized to do so;
  • Not make any statement on behalf of TIAC or purport to represent TIAC through any public medium, including digital social media, unless authorized to do so by TIAC;
  • Must reject and will not make any offer of bribery or unethical inducement; and,
  • Be respectful to the staff of TIAC if it disagrees with its advice or policies, allowing it to comment, reply or change its processes in a professional manner

TIAC reserves the right to review any individual membership application or conduct audits of its members for validity and conformity to the rules stipulated in the membership agreement.

Should a member fail to meet the conditions in this Code of Conduct, TIAC may, at its sole discretion, decide on the appropriate action to take.  As noted in TIAC’s Membership Terms & Conditions, TIAC does not refund or reimburse any portion of its membership fees, not even if the membership is cancelled within the membership year period.

As a member of TIAC, you agree that TIAC can maintain your contact information in the TIAC database and use it for purposes of communication related to TIAC membership, programs, conferences, TIAC Committee activity, eligibility for TIAC Benefits, and other TIAC-related business as defined in TIAC’s Personal Information Protection Policy.

By applying for membership to TIAC, you indicate that you have accepted and will abide by the Membership Terms and Code of Conduct as published.

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