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TIAC's Canadian Travel Insights Dashboard: Domestic Traveller Perception & Behaviour Monitor



The Tourism Industry Association of Canada, in partnership with Skift Advisory, is excited to announce the launch of the TIAC Canadian Travel Insights Dashboard: Domestic Traveller Perception & Behaviour Monitor.

This initiative, partially funded by the Government of Canada, aims to address the information gap in the national's tourism industry concerning the interprovincial perceptions, intentions, and behaviours of Canadian travel consumers.

Through a syndicated research program featuring quantitative surveys, this comprehensive effort provides bi-annual insights reports and industry briefings. It is strategically crafted to serve as the authoritative reference for domestic travel trends, benefiting provincial and regional DMOs and tourism operators alike. The ongoing monitoring of how Canadian travel consumers view domestic destinations, along with their overall travel perceptions and behaviours, will play a crucial role in guiding business decisions related to destination and experience development, as well as investment attraction.

The TIAC Canadian Travel Insights Dashboard: Domestic Traveller Perception & Behaviour Monitor represents the next step in our mission to provide trusted, actionable insights for the Canadian tourism industry, by building on the previous State of Tourism Dashboard Reports (2020-2021).

The Monitor leverages data collected on an on-going basis since 2020, tracking how Canadian domestic travel perceptions, attitudes and behaviours between provinces continue to evolve post Covid-19.


Access TIAC's Canadian Travel Insights Dashboard

TIAC is pleased to provide highlights of the TIAC Canadian Travel Insights Dashboard via Destination Canada’s Data Collective, including:

  • traveller behaviour
  • traveller planning
  • traveller motivators
  • traveller barriers
  • seasonality patterns

The research is designed and managed by our partner, Skift Advisory, adhering to ESOMAR market research standards. The TIAC dashboard is hosted by Destination Canada’s Data Collective, a partnership designed to provide consistent and accessible data on the Canadian travel consumer.

Click here to access.


How will the research program elevate your provincial/regional DMO or tourism business?

  1. Access reliable quantitative market research focused on Canadian interprovincial travel consumers, uniquely tailored to suit your province or region and the goals of your organization – e.g., insights from British Columbia source market travel consumers travelling to Alberta. Therefore, the research program is not aimed to assess intraprovincial travel e.g., Ontarians travelling within Ontario.
  2. In-depth analysis that directly supports your efforts in destination development, management, marketing, and attracting investments, providing timely insights into how market and societal trends shape domestic travel behaviour.
  3. Pinpoint optimal strategies for positioning destinations and experiences to attract valuable domestic travel consumers by aligning your distinctive competitive edge with the preferences and aspirations of Canadian travellers.


While topline metrics will be available on the Destination Canada’s Data Collective; full benefits of the research program requires subscription


Subscription Options - Provincial and Regional

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