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Capital Connections - 1:1 Meetings

Welcome to the Tourism Industry Association of Canada's Investor Forum, where 1-on-1 appointments are the cornerstone of connecting capital providers with industry stakeholders. At our event, we have designated a conversation lounge for our investors, providing a conducive environment for meaningful discussions and strategic partnerships.

Each Capital Provider at our Investor Forum has been assigned a dedicated CapitalX Concierge. These knowledgeable professionals serve as the point of contact for both capital providers and seekers alike. Their responsibilities include warmly greeting tourism industry stakeholders, facilitating appointments, and acting as the liaison between capital providers and seekers.

Here's how the 1-on-1 appointments will take place:

  1. Appointment Coordination: Capital Seekers interested in meeting with a specific provider will coordinate their appointments through the CapitalX Concierges stationed on-site.
  2. Booking Process: Once a meeting request is received, the CapitalX Concierge will assist in scheduling the appointment within the allotted meeting time blocks. They will ensure a seamless booking process, taking into account the availability of both parties.
  3. Calendar Invites: Upon confirmation of the appointment, Capital Seekers will receive a calendar invite detailing the meeting time, location, and any additional relevant information.
  4. Meeting Protocol: At the scheduled meeting time, Capital Seekers will join the Capital Provider at their designated conversation lounge. The CapitalX Concierge will facilitate introductions and ensure that both parties have everything they need for a productive discussion.