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Supporting Canadian Tourism

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Dianne Jackson

As a startup that came about due to the pandemic, I wanted to be part of a group of like-minded professionals that were putting a voice forward to the government. Although I have only been a member for a few months, I have already seen an enormous ROI, 1 - participating in the upcoming Rendez Canada, 2 - Being allowed to participate in the masterclass: Regenerative Event Management Program. This qualification will provide Reps4Rent with an advantage over our competitors when bidding for events. My personal growth and thought process has already been influenced after one session. I highly recommend professionals in the travel industry to join TIAC.

Dianne Jackson
Founder & Doer

Edmar Xavier Neto

Being a TIAC member is essential for any business related to the tourism industry in Canada. All the solutions that the tourism industry needs related to public policies have an active voice with the association's advocacy at the national and provincial levels. In 2022, with the start of the READI program, we realized that TIAC is making an effort also to understand the regional and local needs of communities in rural areas of Canada, a necessary step to ensure that international commitments with sustainability, rural development, the goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, productivity and the well-being of indigenous peoples, residents, immigrants and tourists are in the tourism plan for the coming years. I am a TIAC member because TIAC cares about people and the planet and is always available to listen to the challenges and gaps faced by businesses and tourism destinations in Canada, creating strategies so that the entire tourism industry has a voice in Canadian public policy. Since becoming a TIAC member, I have expanded my network and developed meaningful projects for Canada's rural, indigenous and remote communities. Being an immigrant and entrepreneur and having only been in the country for five years, being a member of TIAC was essential for my professional and personal development, mainly because it amplified the communication of our coast-to-coast work in Canada and other countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Pakistan, South Africa and other countries in the Middle East. I believe that all businesses, entrepreneurs and destinations should be TIAC members so that the association's efforts can generate solutions based on the individual experiences of each member. At TIAC, we are all part of a big family—the great family of tourism in Canada.

EXA Group Canada
Edmar Xavier Neto
Nova Scotia

New Brunswick Aviation Museum

TIAC is an extremely important association for the tourism industry. TIAC is our voice at the federal level and continuously fight for our industry. I truly believe that without their hard work and dedication over the last three years that a lot of tourism operators would not have survived, possibly even the whole industry. TIAC opened the eyes of the federal government as to the importance of tourism to Canada's GDP. The work done by TIAC is crucial for the survival of our industry. Over and above the advocacy, TIAC offers many great programs, educational webinars and networking opportunities that help us learn and improve our position in each province. Continue the great work, TIAC!

New Brunswick Aviation Museum
Carol Alderdice
New Brunswick


Baxter Media joined TIAC many decades ago, recognizing that it was and would continue to be the voice of Canada’s tourism industry. Over the years, it has proven its value time and time again, and in the past two years, it’s hard work and advocacy has been a beacon for the industry to follow and find comfort in. There are many reasons to join TIAC and these are just a few of the reasons that Baxter Media finds that membership valuable.

These include the fact that TIAC:

  • Represents Canadian organizations and promotes Canada to the world
  • Advocates on behalf of the industry – that was particularly apparent during COVID
  • Provides a welcoming environment to interact with and do business with other members of the industry
  • Works to connect and facilitate engagement between domestic and international industry contacts/organizations
  • Provides access to useful resources
  • Works with industry to help develop product and ensures it is market-ready
  • Acts as a friendly intermediary between industry and government
  • Develop multiple platforms to showcase brands/products on a larger scale

Keep up the good work, TIAC … the industry needs you.

Baxter Media
David McClung

Indigenous Tourism Ontario

Every tourism business in Canada should be involved with TIAC. There is no one better to do the industry work they do at the National level.

Indigenous Tourism Ontario
Kevin Eshkawkogan
President & CEO


Being part of the momentum in tourism at the national level is one of the most exciting parts of being a TIAC member!

TIAC has provided my business with connections to operators from across Canada, and knowledge from the global tourism industry.

Be Rad Adventure Company Inc.
Samantha Bosence
New Brunswick

Laura Barry Walbourne

I truly believe being a TIAC member is so important for those working in the hospitality industry. The organization keeps members information as to what is happening in the industry as well as opportunities to participate in industry events and town halls.

The other big thing for me as a TIAC member is the value add and recognition to buyers and others in the industry at major marketplace events such as RVC.

Laura Barry-Walbourne
Director Sales & Marketing
Pacrim Hospitality Canada
Newfoundland and Labrador

Vancouver Mysteries

TIAC is a fantastic resource that keeps me connected and informed about the tourism industry across the country, but it's the people at this organization that really make the difference. The TIAC team that I have encountered have been so supportive and helpful, particularly Jennifer Beatty. I also appreciate the reporting in the TIAC newsletter and the way this organization supports the tourism industry on a national level. As a locally owned growing business, it helps me see the big picture while also providing me with opportunities to expand my network, reach new customers and achieve my goals for Vancouver Mysteries. I am looking forward to attending Rendezvous Canada for the first time this year as the next step in growing my business!

Vancouver Mysteries Inc
Tanya Bennett
British Columbia