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Creating Positive Change

What TIAC Does

As a not-for-profit, membership driven association, TIAC is responsible for representing tourism interests at the national level, and its advocacy work involves promoting and supporting policies, programs and activities that will benefit the sector's growth and development.

Through TIAC’s industry leadership, members can be assured that issues are addressed.

TIAC makes the case for change by:

  • Drawing attention to industry concerns and proposing actionable solutions
  • Stimulating public debate about the relationship between government and private business in the tourism industry
  • Gaining support for our sector’s positions and creating a sense of urgency around them through our earned media strategy
  • Working with other like-minded organizations to generate momentum and give credibility and weight to our concerns
  • Monitoring and generating industry research, trends and statistics to give credence to our positions.

TIAC also works to deliver to its members opportunities, resources, tools and services that help grow their business and save them money.


Why Join TIAC?




To Grow Your Business

Doing fine might be great for today, but the domestic market is at or near a point of saturation. Ten years ago, Canadian customers made up only 65% of tourism spending, with the rest coming from international visitors. Today, domestic consumers make up 80% of tourism spending. Future growth in domestic tourism spending will only come from a sudden spike in the population or by boosting market share from the competition. Given the alternatives, the smartest and most affordable means of achieving growth is to pursue a growth in international visitors.


To Have Your Say

TIAC is located in Ottawa, where policies and decisions made by the Federal Government impact on your business.  TIAC works on members’ behalves to address policies that impact visitation to this country so you can focus on running your business.

TIAC creates alignment with industry and sectoral organizations from Coast to Coast to Coast, supporting efforts in each province and territory.


To Access Resources and Tools

TIAC provides members the tools and the resources to grow their business and delivers up-to-date research and news that matters to your bottom line.

When it comes to issues, TIAC keeps you informed and engaged with what is happening, how it impacts your business and how you can help make a difference. 

TIAC’s Government Relations team provides advocacy support to its members for effective outreach to political figures and influencers.

Through its numerous partnerships, TIAC provides members access to tools, intelligence, current trends and market resources.


To Network and Grow your Brand

TIAC provides members access to networking as well as national and international branding opportunities through the production of world renown industry events including the Tourism Congress, Canadian Tourism Awards, Rendez-vous Canada (RVC), GoMedia Canada and Tourism Town Halls.


To Save Money

TIAC’s Membership Team is focused on delivering services that will save you money and provide growth opportunities, including payment solutions, one-of-a-kind insurance options, audio, web and video conferencing services, employment portal, events listing and so much more.

In addition, TIAC members save at events, and sometimes it more than pays for the membership.  Members can save up to $300 on Tourism Congress Registration and save from $100 to $5,200 at RVC.


To Take Control of Your Future.

By becoming a TIAC Member you are joining forces with like-minded industry professional across Canada, TIAC Members, who are collectively changing the industry’s landscape.


What are TIAC Successes?

TIAC has made some significant strides in raising the Tourism Industry’s profile with decision makers and opinion leaders across the country.  Success does not happen overnight and many of the issues TIAC addresses require long term commitment.  With the industry support, TIAC will continue to work towards building political capital and the credibility of the industry.

The following list highlights TIAC’s recent successes:

  • Secured permanent base funding for Destination Canada funding to $95.5 million per year;
  • $8.6 million dedicated to Aboriginal Tourism development through Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada;
  • $13.6 million dedicated to Statistics Canada’s collection of tourism statistics, including provincial data collection;
  • Significant investments to maintain Parks Canada land and the Trans-Canada trail;
  • Significant infrastructure investments supporting tourism industry;
  • Successful Trade Mission to China in October 2016 through government funding to offset costs for SMEs;
  • Announcements for 7 new visa application centers (VACs) in China;
  • Promoted and achieved the expansion of the number of Visa Application Centres (VACs) to 135 worldwide;
  • Mexican visa requirements lifted completely, and Brazilian, Romanian and Bulgarian visas lifted for eligible travellers;
  • TIAC’s recommendations to reduce aviation costs in the Canada Transportation Act included in expert panel’s final report;
  • Introduction of new ten-year multiple entry visa, facilitating repeat visitors to Canada in select markets.


Join TIAC Today!

To become a member today, please click here to enter our online registration platform, or contact:

Jennifer Taylor
Vice-President, Marketing & Member Relations