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TIAC’s READI program empowers the industry with the information and tools needed to stay competitive and succeed as the world reopens!

For the past two years, tourism businesses have been focused on survival. The world is now reopening, but the challenges remain significant. Inflation at an all-time high. Recession on the horizon. The labour shortage. Supply chain issues.

To succeed, businesses need to adapt and innovate to market demands. That’s why the Tourism Industry Association of Canada is launching a bold new program with a vision to regain the lost ground of the pandemic years and position the industry for short-term growth and long-term prosperity.

What is READI?

TIAC’s READI Program is a fully-developed platform designed to guide the industry to maximum profitability in the post-pandemic period.

As the champion of the tourism industry, representing the full suite of tourism sectors, including accommodations, attractions, restaurants, retail, transportation, and industry suppliers; TIAC’s new program is based on industry-led goals and achievable aspirations.

These include:

♦ Creating a Canadian tourism industry that is READI, willing, and able to deliver high quality and sustainable products and experiences to international and domestic visitors

♦ Educating an industry that is READI with the information and resources needed to thrive long-term and is engaged in regional discussions about the present challenges and future opportunities for the industry

♦ Developing an industry that is READI to reconnect from coast to coast to coast and renergized to grow tourism as a collective and complimentary ecosystem

♦ Ensuring that the industry is READI to attract foreign investment to grow our tourism products, experiences, and infrastructure

♦ Preparing the industry to anticipate future challenges and stay READI for opportunities in a dynamic and evolving business climate

READI or Not?

The challenges of the tourism recovery are many. But you’ll be prepared for what the future brings with the information, opportunities, and programs offered by READI – powered by TIAC! The resources offered by READI are made possible with the generous support of the Government of Canada through the Tourism Relief Fund.


Capacity-building workshops and a resource hub for tourism operators and destination partners. Building on our previous Elevating Canadian Experiences program, we’re adding more content ranging from strategy development to practical tools and tips, designed to help grow and adapt your tourism business as an operator and build tourism capacity in your region as a destination partner.

In this phase of the program that will be launching soon, you’ll have access to research, training, coaching and additional certification in:

♦ Sustainable tourism development

♦ Digital Readiness for Tourism Businesses

♦ Export Readiness for Tourism Businesses

♦ State of the Tourism Industry in Canada – Research, Modelling and Forecasting

Stay tuned, more information is coming soon!


The Tourism Industry Association of Canada has partnered with industry experts who will develop two online platforms curated for sharing Canadian experiences; one to showcase culinary experiences and the other to showcase sustainable experiences

In collaboration with program partners, and to help foster a sustainable, healthy, and inclusive tourism ecosystem in Canada, a set of business inclusion criteria will ensure that the experiences showcased meet visitor expectations.

Stay tuned for more information!


Tourism Town Halls

We are going on the road! The Tourism Town Hall series is an event partnership between TIAC and provincial and territorial tourism industry associations (PTTIAs) and destination marketing organizations. Its purpose is to give small and medium-sized business owners the opportunity to meet with TIAC, its partners, and the local public sector to better understand efforts being made on regional and national tourism issues.

Town Halls allow operators to provide first-hand input on issues affecting their business and provide feedback on government policy for the rebuilding and growth of our sector.

They also inform TIAC and its partners of how national policies set by the government are impacting businesses locally and guide the development of TIAC’s approach and positioning on existing and emerging tourism issues.

In addtion to the Town Hall, we will include other components to make it a full day of enriching experiences.

Stay tuned, more information is coming soon!

Canadian Tourism Congress

TIAC’s annual Tourism Congress (Nov. 22-23, 2022) brings together industry leaders, professionals, and influencers from across Canada to learn, engage, and explore new opportunities for growth in the visitor economy. It gives the industry a place to gather and support each other, sharing knowledge and celebrating the sector as a vital part of the economy and communities across Canada.

With the restart of the travel and tourism industry, TIAC is committed to producing an in-person and virtual event open to all Canadian tourism stakeholders and influencers.

This year taking place at The Westin in Ottawa, the event is professionally produced with a specific focus on reimagining the sector. Delegates will have access to thought-provoking keynotes, insights into industry trends, strategic sessions, tactical advice and plenty of networking opportunities for in-person participants.


Canadian Tourism Investors Forum

As a follow-up to last year’s successful Tourism Congress and its panel session, “An Investment Case for the Tourism Sector,” TIAC is hosting the new Tourism Investors Forum this year.

This highly anticipated event is a premier event that aims to bring together tourism entrepreneurs and capital providers to explore opportunities for growth and investment in the industry.

Attendees can expect informative presentations, panel discussions, networking sessions, and one-on-one interactions with capital providers. The event showcases an exciting lineup of industry experts and thought leaders who will share their insights and expertise on attracting sources of capital for tourism businesses.

The TIAC Investor Forum will take place from November 26th to November 28th, 2023, at the Hilton Meadowvale in Mississauga.”

Stay tuned, more information is coming soon!

Tourism Industry Virtual Job Fair

A tourism industry that is primed for long-term growth depends on people. In this annual virtual event, TIAC and its program partner Tourism HR Canada will bring together tourism leaders, employers and educational institutions with students and workers – from coast to coast to coast.

The event is itself part of Tourism HR Canada’s larger Tourism Career Week and attendees will have access to a virtual meeting forum that enables connections for job and training opportunities through one-on-one appointments, as well as group chat sessions.

Stay tuned, more information is coming soon!

Get READI, get set…it’s time to go!

Get involved and learn about the events and programs offered as part of the READI program – powered by TIAC.


Made possible with the generous support of the Government of Canada through the Tourism Relief Fund.