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Welcome to the READI Platform, an initiative Powered by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) to propel the growth and positive evolution of Canada's vibrant tourism industry.

At its core, the READI Program is committed to fostering a collaborative environment, encouraging information sharing, and building valuable partnerships.

Our goal is to deliver capacity-building measures that empower businesses and organizations to innovate, grow sustainably, and contribute to the flourishing landscape of Canadian tourism.

TIAC’s READI program equips the industry with the information and tools needed to stay competitive and succeed!

R Reach out to a breadth and diversity of tourism businesses and organizations
E Engage businesses and organizations in interactive and highly participatory capacity development workshops and/or events.
A Empower businesses and organizations to activate their growth potential.
D Support businesses and organizations in developing business models, products, and services
I Provide a one-stop shop of information and resources needed to drive innovation

TIAC READI Menus include:


As the champion of the tourism industry, representing all sectors involved in leisure travel, business, incentive, and sport, TIAC’s READI Platform is grounded in industry-led goals and achievable aspirations, including:

  • Creating a Canadian tourism industry that is READI, willing, and able to deliver high-quality and sustainable products and experiences to international and domestic visitors.
  • Educating an industry that is READI with the information and resources needed to thrive long-term and is engaged in regional discussions about the present challenges and future opportunities for the industry.
  • Developing an industry that is READI to reconnect from coast to coast to coast and reenergized to grow tourism as a collective and complimentary ecosystem.
  • Ensuring that the industry is READI to attract foreign investment to grow our tourism products, experiences, and infrastructure.
  • Preparing the industry to anticipate future challenges and stay READI for opportunities in a dynamic and evolving business climate.


Capacity-building workshops and a resource hub for tourism operators and destination partners. Building on our previous Elevating Canadian Experiences program, we’re adding more content ranging from strategy development to practical tools and tips, designed to help grow and adapt your tourism business as an operator and build tourism capacity in your region as a destination partner.

Data Insights Dashboard 

TIAC's Canadian Travel Insights Dashboard: Domestic Traveller Perception & Behaviour Monitor is a syndicated research program based on quantitative surveying of Canadian travel consumers, includes bi-annual reports and insights briefings. It is designed to be the definitive source of truth on domestic travel trends for provincial and regional DMOs, as well as tourism operators. This market research initiative will continuously monitor how Canadian travel consumers perceive Canadian destinations and evaluate their overall travel perception and behaviour, helping to inform business decisions related to destination and experience development and investment attraction.

READI Stamp Accreditation Program

The READI Stamp Accreditation Program, administered by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC), signifies a commitment to excellence within the tourism sector. The program is designed to acknowledge tourism operators and stakeholders who have demonstrated a dedication to continuous learning, development, and adherence to industry best practices.

The READI Stamp Accreditation Program covers a broad spectrum of categories and topics relevant to the tourism industry. Participants can choose from various accreditation categories based on their organizational focus and goals. For example, one such category is the "Sustainable and Regenerative READI Stamp."

National Tourism READI Inventory

A national data bank of accredited and/or criteria-compliant businesses and destinations based on the specific classification, such as “Sustainable & Regenerative READI”, “Export READI”, “Digital READI”. “Investor READI” and/or “Flourishing Business READI” searchable by Province/Territory and subject matter.

Business Development – Services

TIAC will provide access to business development resources and services, as well as events required for the successful completion of a READI Stamp.

Business Development - Events

TIAC with partners, will deliver Business Events providing the industry with access to development resources to assist in the completion of the READI Stamp.

Experience Websites

TIAC has and will continue to support partners in the development and launch of platforms curated for sharing Canadian experiences:

Get READI, get set…it’s time to grow!

Get involved and learn about the events and programs offered as part of the READI program – powered by TIAC.

Made possible with the generous support of the Government of Canada through the Tourism Relief Fund.