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Federal Tourism Growth Strategy: Sound Off to Your MP NOW!

Members of Parliament are in their ridings across the country until the House resumes on Sept. 19, 2022. It's prime time NOW to influence your MP on the new Federal Tourism Growth Strategy!

In its recent submission to the federal government, the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) proposed key industry goals to be achieved by 2030. These include achieving $134 billion in total tourism spending; a specific target of $2.5 billion in total spending in Indigenous tourism; dispersion-related targets geographically and off-season; a total labour target of 2.5 million workers; 30 million total annual international overnight visitors; and, that Canada’s tourism industry place in the Top 5 in the WEF Tourism and Travel Index.

3 Weeks to Influence Change

Have your say on the future of the tourism industry!

TIAC is adamant these goals are achievable if private- and public-sector partners continue to work together, and the right tools and measures and adequate financial support are put in place.

TIAC continues to work towards these goals and increasing awareness of the importance of our industry to Canada’s economic, social, and cultural landscape by advocating for elected officials to ensure appropriate supports are in place for our industry. In this regard, we have identified four key pillars for action:

  1. Attracting and Retaining a Sustainable Tourism Workforce
  2. Improving Access for Visitors to and within Canada
  3. Developing and Promoting Tourism Assets
  4. Building a Regenerative and Inclusive Tourism Industry

These themes will form the foundation of our advocacy work over the next 16 months.

Have Your Say NOW

Your voices are crucial to amplify TIAC’s message to the Government of Canada. It takes just two minutes to get involved and send a letter here:



Send it before Sept. 16, 2022, to ensure your thoughts are counted. With MPs in their ridings, now is the perfect time to mobilize our membership across the country and create the change we want to see!


In 2019, the Government of Canada launched Creating Middle Class Jobs: A Federal Tourism Growth Strategy. The objective of the strategy was to unleash tourism's potential to drive economic growth and job creation in all regions of the country.

The context in which that strategy was drafted is very different from what they are working on today. Canada's tourism sector was booming, bringing in record numbers of international visitors in 2017 and 2018 and accounting for one in 10 jobs.

However, we know the Canadian tourism sector was uniquely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance Randy Boissonnault launched a consultation earlier this year to work with tourism businesses, provincial and territorial counterparts, and Indigenous tourism partners to develop a new Federal Tourism Growth Strategy that will plot a course for growth, investment, and stability.

After consultation with industry and feedback from our members, TIAC is confident we have put forward the right recommendations for this revised strategy. Now we need your help to ensure Members of Parliament hear us as they develop this new strategy.

Additional Resources

Download this information sheet and PowerPoint document for all you need to know on TIAC’s submission and recommendations in advance of the new Federal Tourism Growth Strategy!