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Tourism Recovery Measures


TIAC is launching a broad, industry-developed recovery campaign that seeks sector-specific government support to ensure Canada has a tourism industry post-pandemic.

Download the 'Summary Of Tourism Recovery Measures To Support Canada's Visitor Economy' report


Please visit TourismCounts.ca to send a letter to your MP to support a specific recovery support plan for the tourism industry.



All of our recommendations fall into five core themes, including;

  • Championing Safety – ensuring coordinated regulatory efforts to develop a climate of public safety and help fund costs for new health and safety requirements.
  • Sustaining Liquidity & Supporting Solvency – ensuring the sector is positioned to survive the next 2-24 months, at present, many businesses are at risk of closing.
  • Enticing Canadians to Travel – positive messaging, when appropriate, reassuring people it is safe to travel
  • Repositioning Canada’s Visitor Economy – to re-emerge a stronger and more cost-competitive global tourism competitor
  • Supercharging the Canadian Economy – fast-tracking growth capital


Our proposal also outlines recommended timeframes, including immediate and recovery needs in short, mid and long-term horizons;

  • Short Term examples; providing tax credits associated with new sanitation regulations, provide tax credits for shovel-ready capital projects, tax credits ($2000) per household for domestic travel in 2020 and establishing incentives for airlines to maintain service to smaller communities
  • Mid Term examples; develop a special events fund, increased funding to Destination Canada, establish GST rebates for domestic flights
  • Long Term Examples; grants for sustainable tourism development projects, federally funded skill programs that prioritize tourism jobs, funding assistance for businesses to support tourism marketing to international markets


Now is the time to have a dialogue about how and when we will re-open and travel and tourism needs government support to ensure we still have an industry. We are ready to engage in meaningful dialogue with the Government on how we can collaborate on reopening the visitor economy.