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2017 Successes

posted on May 10, 2019

2017 Successes



  • Secured $95.5 million in permanent funding for Destination Canada
  • 8.6 million over four years to support the development of Canada’s unique and authentic Indigenous tourism industry
  • $13.6 million over five years, to Statistics Canada to broaden tourism data collection



  • Amending the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to ensure that the Express Entry system is responsive to the needs of the Canadian labour market
  • Announcements for 7 new visa application centers (VACs) in China
  • Mexican visa requirements lifted completely, and Brazilian, Romanian and Bulgarian visas lifted for eligible travellers



  • An exemption from the 10% cap on Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) has been extended to the firms in seasonal industry
  • An additional $7.8 million over two years to implement a new Global Talent Stream under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  • An additional $395.5 million over three years for the Youth Employment Strategy 



  • $364 million over two years for Parks Canada to continue its management of Canada’s national parks, marine conservation areas, and national heritage sites
  • $30 million to complete the Trans Canada Trail