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Welcome to TIAC's Election Toolkit. Here we have gathered stats, facts and tools to help you, help us make travel & tourism a priority in this year's election!

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Election Toolkit

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The Travel & Tourism Industry

In Canada tourism is a growing industry:

$102 billion

of which $22.1 billion in export revenue

22.1 million

international visitors in 2019

1.8 million jobs

largest employer of Canadian youth


businesses across Canada


But the COMPETITION is fierce:

  • Travel and tourism is a fiercely competitive global industry where quality of experience, cost competitiveness and ease of access are key. While tourism to Canada is stronger than ever, we are being outperformed by competing countries for a greater share of the global tourism market.
  • Canada still has not regained enough ground to be in the UNWTO Top Ten countries for visitation as it once was.
  • Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world – it’s important to continue to invest in tourism while it is performing well to continue showcasing Canada to the world and grow tourism’s economic impact.