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Make Earning CASH REWARDS Part of Your Business with QUASEP


As recently announced, QUASEP has joined TIAC as the exclusive group purchasing program provider. We appreciate that TIAC members have actively been seeking opportunities generate additional revenue and/or find cost savings.

The beauty of the QUASEP program is that TIAC members can achieve both; there is the opportunity to earn cash rewards on essential purchases, take advantage of discount. In addition, QUASEP has recently announced an introductory offer for TIAC members; they can now earn an additional 0.5% on ALL PURCHASES (qualified and otherwise) in the first year of membership (provided you continue to participate and remain an active member of QUASEP for a minimum 12-month period).

We appreciate that this program may sound too good to be true, we wanted to help further illustrate the benefits of the program and below are some frequently asked questions we have been asked about the program:

This sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There is “no catch.” Membership is FREE and the QUASEP program is designed to be flexible. TIAC members and their business will have different needs; QUASEP offers a lot of products and services to choose from and there is no obligation to purchase.

How does the QUASEP program work?

QUASEP offers cash rewards, discounts, or a combination of both for purchases through their distributor partners. It includes essential items for foodservice and other areas such as washrooms, kitchens, cleaning, maintenance, uniforms, and much more. This robust program is also continually adding new partners and opportunities every quarter.

Does QUASEP offer support for its members?

QUASEP prides itself on simplifying the program and offer a lot of support to make it easy. Each member is assigned a dedicated account manager who is available to help navigate the program including getting started with any of QUASEP’s distributor partners, helping members find opportunities to maximize their customer incentive (a.k.a.cash rewards) cheques which are sent out every quarter. In addition, QUASEP sends a bi-weekly e-communique “Marketplace” (or “L’Iinteractif” for our French members) that highlights new programs, limited time offers and exclusive sales, revenue generating ideas, changes to the program, and much more.

How will customers know which purchasing opportunities offer cash rewards, discounts or both?

Each member is assigned an account manager who is available to help answer those questions, in addition, QUASEP also publishes quarterly lists which provides specific details on each program (this is available through the QUASEP member’s portal). In addition, all partners have a landing page on the QUASEP member’s portal which provides insights into the benefits of each purchasing opportunity.

Are QUASEP members obligated to purchase through the program? Do members need to switch suppliers?

No, there is no obligation to switch purchases. For example, if a member had a preference for “brand A” French fries and they were not included in the program they would not be obligated to switch to “brand B” French fries that WERE included in the program. However, the QUASEP account manager would let the member know that by switching to “brand B” (the brand QUASEP has a program with) they could earn cash rewards by switching.

Are members required to switch their broadline distributor? or current purchases. Can you talk about that?

It is worth noting that most QUASEP do not need to switch their broadline distributor; QUASEP is partnered with several national and/or local reputable companies including Sysco, Gordon’s, Flanagan’s, Stewart’s, Kay’s Wholesale, Capital Foodservice, Colabor, Mayrand Plus, AlimPlus, and Ben Deshaies. If a potential member is already purchasing from a QUASEP partner, there is no need to switch. However, if a QUASEP member decided that they were interested in switching distributors, the program offers the flexibility to do so.




QUASEP Programs for Workforce Assistance

Short on staff and time? As a TIAC member, take advantage of QUASEP’s programs to assist your team members. With options available for multiple functional areas of your operation, getting the support you need is easy and affordable. 

QUASEP Programs for Workforce Assistance



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