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Tourism Week Media Relations Tips

Submit a Tourism Week in Canada op-ed to local newspapers

Tourism Week in Canada is a great opportunity to submit an op-ed for your daily newspaper or weekly business journal. Op-eds feature a recognized authority (mayor, premier, chief executive of a destination marketing organization, business person) in a brief article expressing an opinion or viewpoint (e.g. the impact of travel and tourism in your community). Check your local newspapers for submission criteria and use our sample Op-Ed piece.


Draft a 'Tourism Week in Canada' Press Release

A press release is a written communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something that you believe has news value. A press release provides reporters with the basics they need to develop a news story.  You can write and distribute a Tourism Week in Canada press release using the key messages and statistics found within this document.  Alternatively, you can make use of our Tourism Week in Canada Press Release template.


Use the power of social media to champion travel and tourism throughout Tourism Week in Canada


  • Follow: Follow us now at @TIAC_AITC. We will provide updates on Tourism Week in Canada and send you all kinds of industry facts and figures throughout the week for you to re-tweet to your followers.
  • Tweet: Throughout the week, tweet about why tourism is important in your community – how many jobs are supported, how much tourism contributes to the local economy, etc.
  • Hashtags: Use the hashtags #TourismMatters and #tourismweek when you tweet to increase visibility – Let’s get tourism week trending in Canada!
  • Ask Media to Follow You: Ask local media or prominent bloggers to follow you and engage in travel-related topics, especially during Tourism Week in Canada.


  • Post Messages: Post tourism-related facts and messages on your destination’s or company’s Facebook page. Invite your fans to repost it as well.
  • Profile Pic: During Tourism Week in Canada, change your Facebook profile picture to the Tourism Week in Canada logo to raise awareness.
  • Post Photos: Post photos from your Tourism Week in Canada special event or post photos of the Tourism Champions in your community.
  • Engage: Invite your Facebook fans to post a message on your Facebook wall explaining what travel means to them, their family and their community.
  • Follow: Monitor what friends and fans that follow you are saying about Tourism Week in Canada and “Like” their comments or comment on their status.


  • Film short clips of local travel & tourism employees telling their stories about what travel means to them, their family and their community and why #TourismMatters. Post them on a designated YouTube channel and publicize the URL through Twitter or Facebook or at your Tourism Week event.


  • Feature the Tourism Week in Canada logo or a custom graphic on your organization’s website (perhaps on a homepage image rotator or flash box) along with a message about Tourism Week in Canada.