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National Tourism Week 2024 (April 15-19)

Now in its 14th year, National Tourism Week (NTW) is a dynamic, weeklong national social media campaign orchestrated by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC). This esteemed event, scheduled for April 15-19, 2024, is a crucial platform for highlighting the pivotal role of tourism in Canada. TIAC, along with its supportive partners, is enthusiastically inviting all Canadians to partake in celebrating the nation's finest offerings to the world, under the inspiring banner of NTW 2024's theme:

Canada: Powered by Tourism

This year's enduring theme echoes the undeniable truth that tourism is a cornerstone of Canada's prosperity. It's a sector that fuels the creation of 1 in 10 jobs nationwide, infusing over $100 billion in expenditure into the Canadian economy. 

But the significance of tourism transcends mere economic measures. Its profound impact weaves through the cultural tapestry of Canada, reflecting the diverse ideals, people, and communities that form the heart of this nation.

Want to get involved? Here are easy four ways:

  • Go Green

    Whether you are a destination, landmark, attraction, venue, hotel, or other tourism business, TIAC is asking all operators to “go green” by highlighting our important tourism assets in TIAC green (colour hex code #8BC53F). As part of the #GoGreen social media campaign during Tourism Week, going green raises awareness of the industry’s economic, social, and cultural importance.

    Remember to snap a few pics and share them on social media using the official National Tourism Week hashtags of #TourismWeekCanada2024 and #GoGreen.

    Don’t forget to tag the Tourism Industry Association of Canada on Facebook and LinkedIn, and @tiac_aitc on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram!

  • Get Social

    Use TIAC’s social media shareables and share these messages of support for the industry to your followers during Tourism Week 2024, April 15-19. 

    Be sure to use the official Tourism Week hashtag of #TourismWeekCanada2024. And remember to tag in the Tourism Industry Association of Canada on Facebook and LinkedIn, and @tiac_aitc on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram.

  • Share a Video Message

    Please share a video on social media to speak about your community, company, or organization and tourism’s economic and cultural importance, and to let your followers know that you and your business support National Tourism Week 2024. Promote your successes, and the important role and contribution you make!

    Uploading a 20- to 30-second video to your social media pages (i.e. Facebook, X or Twitter, Instagram) can showcase the importance of tourism and its contribution to your community, as well as highlight the unique travel experiences available there.

    Don’t forget to tag it #TourismWeekCanada2024 and tag Tourism Industry Association of Canada on Facebook and LinkedIn, and @tiac_aitc on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram.

    Please see our helpful resources for more information on our initiative and key tourism sector facts.

  • Spread the Word

    We’re stronger when we’re united! Whether speaking to clients, the media, or government during National Tourism Week 2024 (and beyond!), use the toolkit resources to ensure consistent messaging throughout the campaign.  

Discover Canada: National Tourism Week 2024

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Sponsored Days

Day 1: Monday April 15, 2024 - Canada: Powered by Tourism

Day 2: Tuesday April 16, 2024 - Business Events - Download the Fact Sheet

Day 3: Wednesday April 17, 2024 - Indigenous Tourism - Download the Fact Sheet

Day 4: Thursday April 18, 2024 - Canadian Destinations - Download the Fact Sheet

Day 5: Friday April 19, 2024 - Canada: Powered by Tourism


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