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Cannabis Update

posted on August 31, 2018

TIAC continues to monitor developments in cannabis legalization on an ongoing basis leading up to the official date of October 17, when recreational marijuana becomes legal in Canada. At this time, there remains uncertainty concerning rules and regulations, as Provinces and Territories establish their own rules concerning the sale and consumption of cannabis creating a blend of private and government-run facilities, including on-line purchasing.

There will also be regulations determining where and how cannabis can be consumed. It is also important to note that the province of Ontario’s new government announced important changes regarding the sale of cannabis following the recent election which are outlined here: As the provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec each head for the polls on September 24 and October 1 respectively, we will monitor any amendments that might ensue as a result of possible changes in government in those provinces.

Meanwhile, we expect tourism businesses will cooperate fully with provincial/territorial regulations around the consumption of marijuana and will encourage responsible use to visitors. Travellers who wish to partake in the consumption of marijuana while in Canada will need to be aware of both our laws and their own country of origin’s rules around consumption and possession when planning their travel to Canada.

Here's what we know now:

  • While it will be legal to purchase marijuana in Canada (subject to provincial/territorial sales regulations), travellers to Canada will not be allowed to bring marijuana into the country OR travel back home with cannabis products
  • Those who purchase cannabis for personal use while in Canada will be limited to carry a maximum of 30 grams
  • Previous use of cannabis is still subject to potential denied entry to the United States, creating uncertainty for those “two-nation vacation” travellers
  • There are no clear rules at this time on travel between provinces and territories for those carrying marijuana which may create some uncertainty as rules are developed
  • Consumption of edible forms of marijuana will not be legal for sale until 2019
  • Consumers must be the age of majority to buy and consume cannabis (age varies by province/territory)

For more information, please visit the Government of Canada and CBSA websites.

Cannabis Session during TIAC Tourism Congress

Please take note that this topic will be discussed at a special session devoted to this issue during Tourism Congress, at which time, cannabis will have been legalized for about 40 days. While this is too short a time frame to determine the long-term impacts of legalization on the tourism industry, it will allow us to discuss implications on tourism in greater detail:

// Taking Tourism to New Heights (See the full program)

Cannabis - The game changer

A disruptor for some and game changer for others. Insights from Cannabis industry leaders and legal advisors. Keeping it real for Canadian tourism businesses.


Mark Zekulin, President, Canopy Growth
Trina Fraser, Partner, Brazeau Seller Law

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