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Investing in Success - The Tourism Industry Association of Canada

Even with some modest growth in recent years, Canada is losing its footing in the competitive global travel market. As tourism grows around the world, with receipts that will exceed a trillion dollars within the next few years, Canada's share of that market is shrinking.

The structural impediments that contribute to our lack of competitiveness can only be addressed by having a strong national and cross-sectoral advocate for tourism interests. TIAC has demonstrated that it is up to this task.


Renewed Credibility and Relevance

In recent months, TIAC has begun to see meaningful results from a renewed and reenergized approach to representing the industry.

Rather than being on the outside of the decision-making processes providing reactive comments, TIAC is being sought out in advance by key decision makers for input on a number of fronts.

With a renewed relevance and an improved approach to its public affairs files, TIAC has helped our industry become part of the national discussion.


How TIAC Contributes to the National Political Dialogue

With a renewed relevance and an improved approach to its public affairs files, TIAC has helped our industry become part of the national discussion.

  • Establishing regular and substantial contact with tourism partners within key federal departments, including Industry, Finance, and Transport;
  • New engagement with "the Centre", including consequential discussions with the Prime Minister's Office and the Privy Council Office;
  • Invited by Transport Canada to provide input on the annual priority setting exercise for air access negotiations;
  • Representing the industry on the Deputy Minister of Citizenship and Immigration's Roundtable;
  • Representing tourism interests on the Canadian Border Services Agency's business simplification working group;
  • Priority briefings with the Beyond the Border Working Group on facilitating economic movement across Canada/U.S. border;
  • Representing the industry in 2013 and 2014 federal budget consultations;
  • Connecting America.

Building Relevance Within Travel and Tourism

Too often in the past, tourism was regarded as a sector of sectors, with too many divergent voices. It made us seem too difficult to please and too easy to ignore. Overcoming our structural challenges requires increased focus and alignment around roles, responsibilities and stronger partnerships.

As such, TIAC has:

  • Increased alignment horizontally with other key national associations representing the hoteliers, the airports, and airlines;
  • Worked with these organizations to develop stronger research to support our policy asks;
  • Enhanced our vertical alignment with the provincial tourism industry associations, PMOs and DMOs.

These efforts have not gone unnoticed, and the alignment of the industry's key policy asks has helped to create traction.

TIAC is the only national organization representing the full cross-section of Canada's $90 billion tourism industry.

TIAC needs the ongoing support of members across the country. Please join us in helping to create the winning environment for our industry by joining TIAC.


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