Rodney Payne

Rodney has witnessed the power of travel to transform minds and cultures. He believes that the travel industry can continue to thrive by using its privilege to positively transform society and preserve a well-functioning earth system. Rodney trained as a lawyer and began his career in investment banking before finding his purpose in the travel industry. For nearly two decades, he has worked alongside destination marketers all over the world to inspire travel and develop thriving tourism economies.

Under Rodney's leadership, Destination Think has travelled at the speed of culture to continuously produce the most ground-breaking projects in our industry. He is a successful entrepreneur, most recently founding Tourism Sentiment Index to create a standard KPI for our industry and provide powerful visitor sentiment data for hundreds of destination marketing organizations.

Born in England, Rodney relocated to Australia at a young age. He has gathered extensive international experience across many cultures, including direct experience working in Australia, Canada, the United States and the Netherlands. The privilege to work with places throughout Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and throughout Canada has afforded him a global perspective across destinations of all sizes.

Rodney has grown deeply concerned about the momentum in both earth and human systems that is threatening climate destabilization and biosphere collapse. In addition to his work at Destination Think, Rodney joined Creative Destruction Lab as Founding Partner of CDL Climate to accelerate innovations that are needed to tackle one of humanity's most imminent challenges. He is an advisor to AirMiners and brokered a partnership with Musk Foundation's $100 million X Prize Carbon.