2022_Tourism_Congress/Copy_of_AngelaNagy_Web.jpgAngela Nagy

Angela Nagy is a sustainability expert with more than 25 years of international experience working with all levels of business, utilities, and government, on a variety of environmental and sustainability-related projects. In 2008, Angela founded GreenStep Solutions, a company that provides sustainability strategies, program development, assessments, and certifications to help small and medium-sized enterprises measure and improve their sustainability performance and reduce their carbon footprint. To date, GreenStep has worked with more than 5000 businesses and organizations including utilities, government, industry associations, and businesses ranging from one to thousands of employees.

Through their Sustainable Tourism Divison, Angela and her team provide solutions that help tourism destinations and businesses to improve sustainability performance through the use of purpose-built, industry-specific assessment and certification programs. Angela has been trained by former Vice President and Nobel Laureate, Al Gore, David Suzuki, and IPCC scientists to deliver the Climate Reality Project. She is certified in Organizational GHG Accounting through the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, and as a Sustainability Practitioner through The Natural Step. Her experience also includes politics, and Angela has served as an elected official at both the municipal and regional levels, elected on a platform of sustainability