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Turning the Corner: Annual Report Targets Sustained Tourism Growth in Canada

posted on November 25, 2016


OTTAWA, ON, November 28 2016 – Today the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) and HLT Advisory (HLT) released the 2016 Annual Report on Canadian Tourism.

Focusing on the potential opportunity to target American travellers, this fifth annual collaboration reviews the parameters powering global industry growth in contrast to the perennial factors constraining Canadian performance.

Insights from the Report include:

  • The correlation of marketing funding and positive results when targeting foreign markets
  • Canada’s declining competitiveness in global visitor rankings
  • What factors underlie 2016 performance and the highest number of foreign visitors during a summer season
  • Factors constraining travel, notably costs, including non-recoverable taxes on travel and tourism

“As 2016 comes to a close, tourism boasts the highest overseas results ever for the summer season and strong returns on targeted US market campaigns. The industry welcomes these successes with caution as increased volume does not compensate for lagging market share and policies undermining Canada’s global competitiveness, “stated TIAC President and CEO Charlotte Bell.

“Given the momentum and the growth goals outlined for 2022, Tourism’s path to success hangs on federal government measures addressing the burden of fees, taxes and levies, air travel and consistent marketing funding to secure the industry’s role as a job creator and key contributor to Canada’s economy” Bell added.

“Since 2012, Canadian tourism has undergone significant change, as have the political, economic and regulatory parameters within which Canadian and international tourism operate,” said Lyle Hall, managing Director of HLT Advisory. “Following robust growth in 2015, Canada’s tourism industry continues to post impressive, double-digit, increases in international visitation through 2016.”

“With Canada’s 150th birthday fast approaching, 2017 may spark widespread industry celebration, however, the challenges and opportunities identified throughout this 2016 report need to be addressed in a timely manner to build on our recent successes.”


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