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Introducing Plus TIAC and Plus TIAO for Small and Medium-sized Tourism Operators

posted on July 17, 2017
OTTAWA, ON June 29, 2017 - The Tourism Industry Association of Canada and the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario have simultaneously launched the Plus TIAC and Plus TIAO programs, aimed at small and medium-sized operators looking to become a member of either organization. 

Plus TIAC is an affordable 2-year membership for small and medium-sized tourism operators with sales of less than $5M, who are not already members. This introductory membership provides a means to support national efforts, stay informed on industry issues, engage with peers from coast to coast to coast while at the same time enjoy access to a range of benefits including advocacy, research and operational savings.

Additionally, Plus TIAO is an opportunity for organizations that are already members of TIAC - specifically small tourism suppliers and business operators - to take advantage of additionally joining TIAO. Members' voices will be represented to the Government of Ontario in addition to the federal government. This new introductory membership allows for improved dialogue when supporting provincial tourism advocacy efforts, and helps fulfill TIAO's mandate for a collaborative tourism industry network.

"TIAC, TIAO and our other provincial and territorial industry associations work collaboratively towards our national advocacy goals," stated Charlotte Bell, President and CEO of TIAC. "The Plus TIAC and Plus TIAO programs allow our associations to better represent the small and medium-sized operators who are so vital to the Canadian tourism industry."

"TIAO is thrilled to be expanding its membership offerings to reach more small tourism businesses throughout Ontario, and welcome them under our advocacy umbrella," said Beth Potter, President and CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario. "The Plus TIAO program will help the association fulfill its mandate to build a supportive and collaborative network of tourism industry representatives across the province. We look forward to welcoming new additions to our tourism family through this special initiative."
Small and medium-sized businesses are a vital part of the tourism industry, comprising 95% of all tourism and travel businesses in Canada. Tourism associations recognize that small businesses are a key driver of the tourism economy. Small businesses are also affected by certain challenges differently than larger enterprises, such as government regulations, access to capital for expansion, and staffing concerns.
Joining a provincial and national industry associations helps a business compete and grow while also enabling the association to convince governments to change the policies and regulations that impact our industry. As a tourism association grows, more Canadian tourism businesses have access to vital information. A robust association also means a stronger industry voice when influencing government action, including adequate representation of small business concerns.
 A Plus TIAC and Plus TIAO membership gives these organizations a voice on important national policy and advocacy issues.
For more information please contact:
Jennifer Taylor
Vice President, Marketing and Member Relations
Tourism Industry Association of Canada
t: 902-698-0984 
Carol Greenwood
Membership & Business Development
Tourism Industry Association of Ontario 
t: 416-483-1691


About the Tourism Industry Association of Canada

The Tourism Industry Association of Canada is the only national organization representing the full cross-section of Canada's $91.6 billion tourism industry. TIAC's members include air and passenger rail services, airport authorities, local and provincial destination authorities, hotels, attractions and tour operators.
About the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario

The Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO) is recognized by government as the umbrella advocacy organization for associations, destination marketing organizations, regional tourism organizations, businesses and educators serving Ontario's diverse tourism industry. Collectively representing 180,000 businesses and 372,000 employees dedicated to operating and promoting the province's powerful tourism infrastructure, TIAO provides a strong, unified voice for the sector and advocates the economic importance of tourism to help the industry grow and prosper.