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February 2019 – International Arrivals

posted on May 2, 2019

While January was off to healthy start for international (U.S. and overseas) visitors, February 2019 witnessed a decline of 1.5% from February 2018, while year-to-date visits are up 1% from last year.

The decrease from February to February is due primarily to overseas (non-U.S.) visits which are down by 3.5%. However, a year-to-date increase of 2% from this market, and steady numbers for U.S visitors, somewhat compensate for this loss.

Mexico continues to impress with a 30.8% increase from February to February and a healthy year to date increase of 31.9% from 2018. India also saw a sizeable increase of 27.3% month to month and 15% year-to-date, followed by Australia (9.2% / 4.8%) and France (4.7% / 7.8%).

Visitation from China and Germany posted the largest month over month declines at 18.1% and 11.1% respectively. Reasons for the decline in Chinese visitors may include the windup of the Canada-China Year of Tourism and an early February date for the Chinese New Year (a holiday that typically sees a high degree of travel, followed by a cooling-off period). The current Canada/China political situation as well as new recently imposed requirements for biometrics may also have contributed to this decrease. While the market remains up 5% year-to-date TIAC will continue to closely monitor developments on an ongoing basis.