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Elevating Canadian Experiences through Culinary Tourism

posted on August 13, 2020

As part of TIAC’s ongoing Elevating Canadian Experiences workshop series, we have partnered with the Culinary Tourism Alliance (CTA) to undertake research on rural and remote destinations around the world known for their culinary tourism offers. The research also included a scan of culinary tourism and tourism development in all of the provinces and territories in Canada. Based on this initial research, TIAC and CTA developed case studies that showcase international best practices that tourism operators can use here in Canada.

The scan of tourism development in Canada generated 5 key takeaways in the form of commonly shared priorities in tourism development connected to culinary tourism:

  • Featuring cultures and supporting communities
  • Growing tourism across shoulder seasons
  • Developing quality experiences
  • Increasing collaboration and partnerships
  • Featuring outdoor activities, nature, and landscapes

Elevating Canadian Experiences is about providing tourism operators in Canada with opportunities, knowledge, and training on how to grow their businesses and expand their skillsets. As part of CTA’s research in developing the culinary workshops, they examined the common priorities, challenges and opportunities in provinces and territories to identify where the key takeaways from around the world can help tourism operators in Canada attract new visitors.
From here, the five culinary workshops themes for Elevating Canadian Experiences were born.

Our Culinary Tourism Workshops will help tourism operators grow their business by focusing on one of the following themes that best suits their region:

  1. Growing Agritourism;
  2. Attracting Culinary Tourists;
  3. Multisensory Experience Development;
  4. Partnering for Success;
  5. Exceeding Expectations.

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