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CTA - Tourism Employer of the Year

Apr 28, 2022 - Oct 5, 2022

The Tourism Employer of the Year Award will be presented to a business who has made a commitment to foster equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. A visionary who embraces innovative ideas to move the company forward while supporting and encouraging workplace and personal life balance improving well-being and productivity. The employer of the year communicates in a meaningful and respectful manner; delivers incentive programs that reward employees; promotes empowerment and personal growth, is fair, respectful and shows and encourages integrity. The employer of the year provides a safe and secure workplace environment.


  1. If you are a TIAC Member, please sign into your account before starting the nomination process.
  2. Fill out the online nomination form
  3. Attach supporting files
  4. Pay the nomination fee, if applicable. Note - The nomination entry fee is $100.00 plus applicable taxes per entry. Nominators may or may not be a member of TIAC; Nomination fees will be waived if the NOMINEE is a Regular member of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada in good standing. If the NOMINEE is an Associate member of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, the nomination fee is $50. If the NOMINEE is not a TIAC Member, the full fee applies