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TIAC attends Canadian Parks Conference

posted on 11:25 AM, October 25, 2019

Held in Quebec City from October 7 to 10, 2019, the conference brought together stakeholders from Canada to dissect the lessons learned from the latest successes and new approaches to urban, regional and national parks development.

Professionals from parks, tourism, education and health had the opportunity to engage, focusing on four themes:

COLLABORATING and building relationships that ignite the powerful benefits of Nature
CONNECTING with and fostering a love for Nature through a diversity of experiences
CONSERVING and supporting the diversity of life to meet the needs of all species
LEADING by supporting professional development and performance excellence

Takeaways from the event include:

  • Parks contribute to mental and physical health & wellbeing
  • Better alignment between wellness tourism and parks can help attract more international visitors
  • Nordic countries have great success stories Canada can learn from
  • Parks & communities close to parks must be marketed as a four seasons destination
  • Artificial intelligence should be further leveraged in parks and tourism
  • Sustainability is core to parks and tourism development
  • Urban parks foster community building & green space reclaiming
  • New lingo from parks is not a fad, get used to hearing things like; biophilia, nature deficit disorder, healing rangers, nature interventions and forest bathing

Lookout for future editions of our newsletter, where we will delve deeper into these topics and how they can positively impact your business.