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Air Canada Welcomes You to Tourism Congress 2022

posted on 7:40 AM, November 10, 2022

This year, Air Canada participates in the Tourism Industry Association of Canada Congress filled with optimism. We are proud to once again be able to focus on what we do best: link Canada to the world and the world to Canada. What better way to celebrate our 85th Anniversary than resolutely building back our vast domestic, transborder and international network!

Our ability to do so is a testament of the incredible work of the many partners in the travel and tourism sector who we have steadfastly worked with for many years, but particularly during the last two and a half. It also reaffirms our leadership role in supporting the Canadian visitor economy as customers from the six continents we serve reconnect, visit and explore. With service to 50 airports in Canada, 49 in the United States and 69 internationally, the tourism and hospitality sectors can count on us to continue to significantly contribute to its growth. Working with our partners and stakeholders in the industry, we are returning to pre-pandemic service levels.

But, while the pandemic was the single-most important event of our history, we believe that, coming out of the pandemic, it is in our collective best interests to work together to enact further reforms that will benefit the visitor economy. This includes improving processes, such as security and customs at airports, developing new trusted traveller programs, deploying new technologies and, more fundamentally, re-examining the user-pay model that finances air transportation in Canada.

We look forward to hearing more about how our industry adapts to enable more efficiencies to keep Canada as a top destination known for its welcoming hospitality.  We wish everyone an enjoyable conference!