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Frontiers North Adventures


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Frontiers North Adventures specializes in authentic adventures in Canada’s North. Their programs cater to wildlife and culture enthusiasts, photographers and adventurers of all ages. Churchill, Manitoba - their most popular destination - is the polar bear capital of the world, and they are renowned for having the best access in the world to polar bears in the wild. As owners and operators of the world famous Tundra Buggy® Adventures, Frontiers North provides the most options and departure dates to experience polar bears in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area and they are the only company that operates in Wapusk National Park. 

Dedicated to making socially, environmentally, and ethically responsible decisions that contribute to the well being of their employees, guests, local community and the environment, Frontiers North believes that hosting guests in Canada’s north should benefit the communities and ecosystems in which they operate.

PO Box 40063
RPO Lagimodiere
Winnipeg, MB
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