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Municipality of Cambridge Bay

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At the heart of the Northwest Passage is Cambridge Bay, across the strait from ten active gold mine sites. This is a place of legend and imagination. Where the stats include 'one person per 57 square kilometers', so if you need a little 'peace and quiet', come and visit! The Inuit have survived here for 4,000 years, bound to 'the land' in an almost familial sense; respectful of the 'Nuna' and her teachings. Come and learn about the Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (the Traditional Wisdom) that guides the Territory, even today. This is a place of wonder, of 24-hour daylight, of driving on the ocean when the ice is thick, of seeing/feeling and hearing what the earth was like when it was first given to us. Come and explore your inner senses and the majesty of wide, open spaces. It's a test run for going to Mars, after all. This is a world apart and touching the earth here will resonate with your Soul (ask the Inuit!).