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Old Church Cottages Inc.


Tourism Business - Accommodation

Old Church Cottages Inc., is a young company which opened in 2016, who aims to create extremely unique short term accommodations for locals, tourist and companies looking for a unique experience. Whether you are looking to get away with your spouse or friends for a weekend or a week. Whether you are planning that perfect long over due family celebration, maybe even a wedding or better yet a surprise wedding. Whether you are a business owner or a manager looking for really cool place to bring your team on a team building exercise.

We'd love to have you, your family or your team come and enjoy your stay in one of our unique locations

Southern, NB Jones Brook Cottage located in Boundary Creek, NB is an old church which we purchased in 2016, which took 3 years to renovate into the museum piece that it is today, it has been granted it historical tittle, the building is 181 years young this year. This cottage venue sleeps 8 overnight guest, but can host events with a maximum of 60 people. It is 3000 sq feet, spacious common space, large kitchen for entertainment, and has lots of games, pool table, musical instruments, a must see fire pit area, and a covered terrace which can transform into a dance floor rain or shine. This is for anyone looking for not just a cottage but a place that offers a unique experience.

Northern, NB Island View Cottage located in Flatlands,NB, is another old church, also purchased in 2016, which took 4 years to renovate into more outdoor theme with a touch of rustic and modern. The building is 98 years young this year. The cottage venue sleeps 6 overnight guest, but can host events with a maximum of 60 people. It is a waterfront property with 2000 sq feet of open concept common space, large kitchen for entertainment and has a piano, fireplace, and a jacuzzi and it fantastic for the adventure travelers looking to discover the Restigouche region.

Also located in Northern, NB Our brand new Glamping Domes Appalaches Domes and Spa by Old Church Cottages, located on the banks of the Restigouche River with a perfect sunset view, surrounded by mountains by day and stars at night. Each Domes are fully equipped, all you need to bring is your swimsuit, a hat, sunscreen, sandals, your favorite cocktail and food. The Domes sleep 2 adults maximum, enjoy your fireplace, heated floors, private jacuzzi, wifi, heatpump for heat and AC, BBQ and patio chairs in the summer.

288 Upper Mountain Road
Boundary Creek, NB
Canada E1G 4A1