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Education and Training

Welcome to the Tourism Industry Association of Canada's (TIAC) dedicated space for Education and Training—a dynamic platform designed to empower and elevate the Canadian tourism industry.

At TIAC, we understand that continuous learning and capacity-building are essential for tourism operators and destination partners to thrive in today's ever-evolving landscape. Our commitment is to provide you with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to excel in your role and contribute to the growth of the Canadian tourism sector.

Elevating Canadian Experiences: Building Capacity, Growing Business

In 2020, TIAC launched the Elevating Canadian Experiences program—an innovative resource hub tailored for both tourism operators and destination partners. This platform offers a wealth of content ranging from strategic development to practical tools and tips. The goal is clear: to support operators in growing and adapting their tourism businesses while helping destination partners build capacity within their regions. Building on the success of this initiative, we continue to expand our content to ensure it remains relevant and impactful.

Sustainable Tourism Development: Nurturing a Responsible Future

In early 2023, TIAC introduced the Sustainable Tourism Development program—a comprehensive initiative aimed at fostering responsible practices within the industry. This program included a Sustainable Tourism Symposiumworkshops, one-on-one coaching, and certification support.

By engaging with these offerings, participants gained the knowledge and skills needed to create and maintain sustainable tourism practices, ensuring the long-term health of our industry and the destinations we serve.

Industry Webinar Series: A Gateway to Expertise and Best Practices

Our commitment to education extends beyond traditional programs. TIAC hosts an Industry Webinar Series, serving as a gateway to a wealth of expertise, emerging trends, and best practices. These webinars provide an invaluable opportunity for industry professionals to stay informed and connected. Additionally, our Member Exclusive Ask an Expert webinars offer direct access to crucial information, insights, and knowledge—empowering businesses to grow and organizations to improve their bottom line.

At TIAC, we believe in the power of education to drive positive change and innovation within the Canadian tourism industry. Join us in building a stronger, more resilient future for our operators, partners, and the destinations that make Canada a world-class tourism destination. Explore our educational offerings and take the next step in advancing your skills, knowledge, and impact in the dynamic world of tourism.