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TIAC's READI Stamp Accreditation Program 

The READI Stamp Accreditation Program, administered by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC), signifies a commitment to excellence within the tourism sector. The program is designed to acknowledge tourism operators and stakeholders who have demonstrated a dedication to continuous learning, development, and adherence to industry best practices. 

Program Overview:

The READI Stamp Accreditation Program covers a broad spectrum of categories and topics relevant to the tourism industry. Participants can choose from various accreditation categories based on their organizational focus and goals. For example, one such category is the "Sustainable and Regenerative READI Stamp." 

Accreditation Process: 

  1. Application Submission: 
    • Tourism operators or stakeholders interested in accreditation will submit their application to TIAC. 
    • The applicant will be required to complete an intake form and provide details on the selected accreditation category and evidence of fulfilling specific criteria. 
  2. Review and Vetting: 
    • TIAC will thoroughly review all submissions to ensure they meet the set criteria for the chosen certification category. 
    • The certification process involves rigorous vetting by industry experts to maintain high standards.
  3. Business Development and Training: 
    • TIAC supports applicants by providing access to industry experts and specialized training programs relevant to their chosen certification category. 
    • Participants will engage in workshops, seminars, and educational initiatives to enhance their knowledge and skills. 
  4. Criteria Completion: 
    • Participants must complete a set of specific criteria outlined for each accreditation category. 
    • This may include adopting sustainable practices, demonstrating community engagement, and implementing regenerative tourism principles. 
  5. READI Stamp Award: 
    • Upon successful completion of the accreditation process, participants will be awarded the READI Stamp in their chosen category. 
    • The READI Stamp serves as a public recognition of their commitment to excellence in the tourism industry. 
  6. READI Stamp Monitoring: 
    • To ensure compliance, TIAC will monitor accreditation on an annual basis and encourage the continued development and success of all recipients. 

National Tourism READI Inventory:  

All accredited organizations or businesses will be listed on the National Tourism READI Inventory. This consumer-facing platform is accessible by Travel Trade and prospective visitors, providing them with valuable information about certified entities across various categories. 


Benefits of READI Stamp Accreditation: 

  1. Market Visibility: Certified organizations gain increased visibility on a national platform, attracting both Travel Trade and consumers. 
  1. Competitive Edge: The READI Stamp signifies a commitment to quality and sustainability, giving certified entities a competitive edge in the market. 
  1. Consumer Trust: Consumers can make informed choices by selecting businesses that have demonstrated a dedication to best practices in the tourism industry. 


The READI Stamp Accreditation Program exemplifies TIAC's commitment to elevating the standards of the Canadian tourism industry, fostering sustainability, and promoting excellence among its stakeholders.