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Issue: Labour    
Tourism accounts for 1.8 million jobs across Canada. But tourism businesses across Canada regularly struggle to find adequate labour to run their businesses. Let us know your thoughts, experiences or ways you've addressed this issue in your community!
Issue: Cost Competitiveness   

Canada is not a cheap destination for tourists, and our country’s size makes visiting multiple and remote areas very expensive. International tourists face extra costs attributed to fees, levies and taxes on air travel that can dissuade travellers from visiting.

Let us know your thoughts on this issue.

Issue: Tourism Marketing   

In 2017, international arrivals totalled 20.8 million – outpacing the previous record set in 2002. This is largely due to a sizeable increase in base funding to Destination Canada. Despite this increase, Canada still lags behind many other countries in marketing spend.

Let us know your thoughts on this issue.

Issue: Access – Visa Processing/Barriers To Entry   
Travellers to Canada, especially from emerging markets, face hurdles before even setting foot in Canada for business, travel, or short-term study. Share your thoughts on this issue and let us know how it is affecting your business or organization.
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