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Calgary Tours

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Since 1994, Calgary Tours has provided tour services throughout Calgary Alberta. We have our own fleets (buses and vans), and professional tour guides in a variety of languages, including Mandarin, Cantonese, English, French and Japanese. For the past few years, we have been the premier tour operator in China and Canada. Our experienced staff are ready to work with you for all kinds of fun and adventure.

欢乐旅游 自1994起ˋ即开始于卡尔加里市为本地及到访游客服务˙ 为提供最好的旅游品质ˋ本公司自有各种大小旅游车辆ˋ并自行培训专业的旅游向导ˋ能以 多种语言(中ˋ粤ˋ英ˋ法ˋ日语)为来访游客提供专业服务˙ 办公室的工作同仁都具备丰富的经验ˋ及亲切的态度 ˙为您提供如住宿ˋ交通ˋ活动等各项 咨询及预订服务˙ 多年来ˋ我们服务的对象包括加拿大及中ˋ港ˋ台众多著名旅游公司及政府部门ˋ旅游局及 石油公司ˋ并获得一致的良好口碑˙我们期待在不久的将来ˋ能为贵公司提供我们的优质服务˙

我们提供 Our Service ☆ 专业司机Professional Driver(皆有多年驾驶经验及绝佳纪录)˙ ☆ 合法商业牌照及车辆保险 legally operation license & Insurance ( 符合加拿大法律及ADS团组需求 ) ˙ ☆ 经验丰富之专业导游Experience Guide˙ ☆ 代订各地旅馆ˋ餐厅及各式活动项目 Accommodations/Restaurant/Activity Booking ˙

☆ 专为 F.I.T 访客设计的本地1 - 7日行程(每日出发不同行程) Special F.I.T package(1-7days)Daily departure from Calgary to Rocky Mountain National park/ Alberta/ BC˙

814 Centre St N
Calgary, AB
Canada T2E 8K1