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Les 30 prix des jeunes fonceurs de l'Association de l'industrie touristique du Canada

28 avr 2022 - 10 oct 2022

This award recognises up to 30 individuals, 30 years of age and younger, working in the tourism industry and their contribution to the development of a vibrant and professional tourism industry.

Recipients will be acknowledged during the Air Canada Luncheon and receive a certificate of achievement.

Important Notes:

  • The award will not be made to the same person twice.
  • Nominations are accepted from any party except the nominee.
  • Nomination Form must be completed by Oct 1, 2022.

Submissions include:

  1. Two/three images to support entry – high resolution images
  2. A copy of an ID, such as driver's license or passport, to verify age – pdf format
  3. Resume of nominee – pdf format
  4. Up to 3 letters of recommendation – pdf format


  1. Remplissez le formulaire de candidature en ligne.
  2. Joignez tout fichier pertinent à l'appui de votre candidature.