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EXA Group Canada Winter Expedition - Northern Ontario

15 Janvier 2023

EXA Group Canada is conducting a technical sustainability study for the Tourism Industry Association of Canada's Sustainable Development Program. Our focus right now is Canada's rural and indigenous communities.

In 2022 we conducted technical visits in Nova Scotia and Alberta. From January 2023, we start our winter experience, visiting different provinces and territories in Canada. The technical visits are intended to partially understand the current tourism model and economic development of the communities visited.

We want to understand and learn from the efforts of professionals dedicated to creating new paths for the local economy and who use tourism to support sustainable development and the growth of opportunities and productivity in rural communities.

We have a broad, holistic view of the international system and know the importance of developing actions linked to international commitments. Technical visits carry out empirical research work, taking into account the understanding of environmental, socioeconomic, cultural, heritage, marketplace, infrastructure and superstructure aspects.

With communication support from the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario and Destination Northern Ontario, we will be in Thunder Bay, Armstrong, Dryden and Kenora from January 15 to 20th, 2023.

As a result of the EXA Group Canada Winter Expedition, we are producing a book with comprehensive reports and authentic content on tourism, sustainability and rural development. And we are also making a series of video documentaries with interviews and the experiences lived in the destinations during the trips.

We want to include this entire collection in our deliveries and share the fantastic work that residents, professionals, businesses and community farms are creating for the world, raising the value of rural communities in the Canada tourism experience for people worldwide.

Take the opportunity to present your work, knowledge, business development and farm life to the world! Schedule a technical visit to your office, on your farm or at any location that offers an authentic tourism experience in your community. Let's talk about sustainability and find new ways to regenerate our communities and change our planet together!

From January 9, 2023, you can schedule the technical visit on our website, or by email at

To complement our work, we will present the Strong Farm & Rural Shores Destinations program at the 2023 TIAC Sustainable Tourism Symposiums, and you can register at =278. In this symposium directed to Ontario, you will learn about different international tourism, sustainability and rural development programs and a new way of thinking about the economy.

Let's work together to regenerate our planet!

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