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Strong Farm & Rural Shores Destinations - Symposium & Workshop - Northwest Territories

21 Avril 2023


Since 2021, EXA Group Canada has conducted technical visits in rural areas of Canada, starting research in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Between November 2022 and March 2023, the startup conducted technical visits through the READI program of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, researching rural and remote areas in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Northwest Territories.

The Strong Farm & Rural Shores Destinations program aims to research and develop solutions for rural and indigenous businesses, farms, and communities. EXA Group Canada has been developing the program in Canada, Mexico, and Brazil since 2021. Our focus is to create sustainability and regenerate our planet, and we invite you to participate in developing these models in Canada to export solutions worldwide.

The Strong Farm & Rural Shores Destinations program symposiums and workshops are being offered free of charge by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, funded by the Government of Canada. We aim to present the influence of the international system and commitments to global agendas for sustainable development and net-zero carbon goals by 2050. These events will give important information on tourism diplomacy and strategies to create community-based economies in rural areas. In addition, it offers two workshops related to building strong brands and project management tools for businesses and communities.

Participants received a certificate of participation with the hourly load. This certificate features the ESTour Seal, EXA Group Canada's seal of Excellence for Sustainable Tourism, promoting quality for projects and knowledge. The certificate will be issued within 30 days for participants after the event.

Find out which international programs influenced the creation of Strong Farm & Rural Shores Destinations and have access to communication, marketing and project management tools, learn how to use them and apply the knowledge acquired to grow your business and build a new vision of economics and sustainability in your community and region.


1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Tourism Diplomacy
Tag: International Guidelines
Description: Find out which international guidelines EXA Group Canada adopts for developing the Strong Farm & Rural Shores Destinations program and learn how global agendas can direct strategies for sustainable development, economic growth and regeneration of your community to transform it into an excellent tourist destination!
Speaker: Edmar Xavier

2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Tourism & Economic Development Strategy
Tags: Strong Farm & Rural Shores; Program Development
Description: Discover keywords for developing tourism and economic growth in rural areas and the importance of creating rural development policies for the strategies and continuous improvement of the sustainability actions of the Strong Farm & Rural Shores Destinations program.
Speaker: Edmar Xavier

3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
WORKSHOP – Building a Strong Brand & Guidelines
Tags: Branding; Communication; Marketing; Tools
Description: Discover how EXA Group Canada develops successful brands for tourism in different rural areas of Canada, Mexico and Brazil. Learn about practices and support tools to help you develop communication strategies for your business or community.
Speaker: Barbara Camargo

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
WORKSHOP - Territorial Governance & Project Management
Tags: Engagement; Project Management; Tools
Description: Discover how territorial governance can help your business and community develop new growth and economic recovery policies. Learn how project management influences decision-making with efficiency and agility, engaging people in an environment of prosperity and continuous improvement. Learn about tools that can help in your professional development and in managing sustainable solutions for the regeneration of your community.
Speaker: Miguel Cavalheiro

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