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SDG Decade of Action Planning - Cohort 5

25 Avril 2023

This program includes two workshops:

  • Workshop 1: Tuesday, April 25
  • Workshop 2: Thursday, May 25

A program for tourism businesses and organizations to develop their own sustainability plan based on the UN SDGs.

The program includes an introduction to the UN SDGs and tourism, and a deep dive into what types of action businesses can take to support each of the 17 goals. A Decade of Action Plan template is provided to each organisation followed by a series of one-on-one coaching calls to support the businesses in aligning their values to the SDGs, engaging staff, identifying key actions, setting meaningful goals and pulling it all together in a 10-year action plan.

Target audience

  • All sizes and types of tourism businesses and destinations.
  • Entry level / Beginner & Intermediate.


  • Clear understanding of UN SDGs and how they relate to tourism.
  • Learn to align SDGs with existing sustainability efforts.
  • A custom Decade of Action Plan.
  • Tools & resources for engaging team and creating capacity for change.
  • Best practices for using SDGs to amplify sustainability stories and messaging.
  • Sense of community, comradery, and peer accountability.